Lego Outreach

In the month of October, IEEE RAS Outreach coordinated an event with representatives from ARM and FIRST to help with FLL Build Day.

More Socials

Unfortunately our last three IM ultimate games have been cancelled due to inclement weather.

Region V - Gaining Momentum

Over the past several weeks we have made some great strides in getting our first prototypes up and running since our last blog post.

Ras General Update

The Fall 2018 semester is more than halfway over, and UT IEEE RAS has had a great semester thus far.

RAS - Registration Meeting

At our meeting on Tuesday, we split up into different groups based on major in order to give each other advise on registration.

The Robotathon Strikes Back

Robotathon is coming. Are you ready?

Outreach - So far, so good

IEEE RAS Outreach had a busy first half of the semester.

Micromouse - so it begins

RAS is proud to introduce a new committee called micromouse.

Demobot - Semester Update

The Demobot committee is off to a great start this semester!

Social - Ultimate

This semester, RAS is playing intramural ultimate.

Robotathon Hath Begun!

Robotathon has begun and teams are off to a running start.

The Region V Season has Begun!

The Region V season has begun!

Start of the Year

Hope everyone is having a great semester so far.

CURM Conclusions

CURM was a tremendous success!

End Semester Update on GPS

As the semester dwindles down, I’d first like to say I’m proud of everyone who has put in all the hard work this past year.

Region 5 - Semester Conclusion

Our Region 5 team this year ended with a bang!

Demobot - First Draft of Polargraph

The Demobot Committee has completed a first draft of the drawing machine!

Semester Outreach Update!

The first 6 weeks of outreach have been very exciting!

PacBot - Four Weeks Out

As of this writing, there are 25 days left until the PacBot competition, which means that it’s crunch time for the PacBot committee!

Social Events - Rock Climbing Adventures

RAS is currently in the final weeks of many competitions, but we still find time outside of school and robotics to get together.

CURM - Convention for Unconventional Robotic Movement

The date for the event is officially April 14th with location TBD!

To sign up, please go to and submit the form. For more details including an FAQ, please visit

Region V - Mid Semester Update

Region 5 is making some great progress preparing for this year’s competition!

IGVC - Mid Semester Update

With less than 12 weeks remaining before competition, we’re looking to move right along into the initial testing phases of our robot!

Demobot - Building a drawing machine!

The Demobot Committee has started this semester by undertaking a new project.

RAS Volunteering - Working with the Community

The past four weeks were very exciting for RAS Volunteering.

Social Events - Sand Volleyball and More!

In addition to building robots, RAS organizes an intramural team every spring semester. This year, we will compete in sand volleyball!

PacBot - A New RAS Committee

As you may already know, RAS has a new committee this semester: PacBot!

CURM - The Intersection of Robotics, Creativity, and Fun!

The date for the event is officially April 15th with location TBD!

Region V - A Spring Semester Overview

With only nine weeks until competition, UT’s Region 5 team is off to a great start this semester.

IGVC - Navigating our way to Competition Day

Welcome back to another semester of UT RAS’ intelligent ground vehicle team!


The IGVC committee is currently on pace to compete at the 25th annual Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition held by Oakland University on June 1st, 2018.

Region 5

This year’s IEEE Region 5 Robotics competition team is off to a racing start!

Lego Day

On Saturday October 7th, our organization took part in Lego Day for the First Lego League.


Robotathon is a semester long competition that is largely geared towards students with little to no experience in robotics.

Region 5

Our Region 5 team, the Bevonauts, has been on a fast-paced, high-momentum track since January.


UT is registered to compete in the 2017 IGVC competition!


After at least two years, the couch of UT IEEE RAS rolls again!


IGVC has begun meeting during the Fall 2016 semester.

Robotathon 2016

Robotathon is a UT-hosted robotics competition targeted towards incoming freshmen, transfer students, and anyone else interested in learning about robots.


The IGVC Committee has decided to defer entering the 2016 IGVC Competition in June in order to focus on preparing new members.


The Demobot Committee undertakes projects to maintain and refurbish existing robots as well as design and build new ones.


The Mercury Remote Robot Challenge is an international, interscholastic robotics competition put on each year by Oklahoma State University, located in Stillwater,Oklahoma.

Robotathon Recap!

This year’s Robotathon wrapped up this past November with amazing showings from all of our teams.


The Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition, or IGVC for short, is a competition that UT Austin and various other universities across the United States partake in during June.


Primavera is the image processing component of the painting robot project RAS in involved in, called Robotticelli.

Robotathon kick-off!

Robotathon is officially in session! This year’s competition is called RASBall!

Year in Review

The University of Texas at Austin chapter of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society serves a diverse community of students consisting primarily of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Computer Science majors.

New blog!

Welcome to the new RAS blog!