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Want to join RAS? The best way to get started is to come to one of our biweekly general meetings and talk to a RAS officer afterward.


We live in EER 0.822A; feel free to stop by.


Most of our internal communication happens here. You can sign up for Slack at with your email addess.


To keep up with current events and happenings, please join our group here.

You might also sign up for our mailing list here for occasional announcements - mostly meeting reminders, honestly.

Spring 2018 Officers

picture of Brian Wilmarth
Brian Wilmarth



picture of Meera Wakim
Meera Wakim

Vice President & R5 Head


picture of Hank Freeman
Hank Freeman



picture of Chris Gill
Chris Gill

Corporate Relations & CURM Head


picture of Miguel Salinas
Miguel Salinas

Fundraising Coordinator


picture of Vamsi Ghorakavi
Vamsi Ghorakavi

Outreach Coordinator


picture of Amr El-Azizi
Amr El-Azizi



picture of Zahin Nambiar
Zahin Nambiar



picture of Daniel Teal
Daniel Teal



picture of Mark Jennings
Mark Jennings

Special Events Coordinator


picture of Junlin (Steven) Zhu
Junlin (Steven) Zhu

Representative Coordinator


picture of Dahlia Lopez
Dahlia Lopez

Publicity Coordinator & Diversity and Inclusion Representative


picture of Isabel Cachola
Isabel Cachola

Robotathon Head

picture of Cole Thompson
Cole Thompson

Demobots Head

picture of Ricky Chen
Ricky Chen


picture of Rahul Butani
Rahul Butani

Pacbot Head