Robotathon 2018 is coming this fall!

Robotathon is a competition created, run, and hosted by RAS that teaches the basics of robotics to those new (or used) to the field.

Robotathon is held every fall; come back here in fall 2018 for a registration form. You may only compete once.

Robotathon Tech Talks

View presentations from the 2017 Robotathon conference.


So What is Robotathon?

Robotathon is an annual event held every fall semester at the University of Texas at Austin by the UT IEEE Robotics and Automation Society (RAS [răz]). This competition is a two month long bootcamp for robotics culminating in a large, sports-like competition that pits each teams’ robot against each the others in a tournament style battle-to-the-death (well, not usually, though that would be cool) for glory and honor (and bragging rights). It is designed for newcomers and robotics veterans alike, although if you’re really good at this thing already, you’ll probably be better off joining one of our other committees from the start.

What is this year’s competition?

The competition will be released this fall. Until then, tide yourself over with last year’s rules!

When does Robotathon happen?

Teams apply to Robotathon in early September. In late September, a day-long Robotathon Conference, a crash-course in the basics, kicks off the build season. Weekly workshops and checkpoints last until the competition itself, which is typically held the Monday of Thanksgiving week.

What do I need to know to participate?

Absolutely nothing! All you need is a open mind and a desire to learn. While this is a competition, it is also, above all, a learning experience designed to help teach robotics to those that want to learn. In addition, all participants are generally on the same level because this competition is restricted to newcomers to RAS - primarily freshmen!

Who can compete?

UT undergraduates can apply (you don’t have to be an engineer!). Over 100 students are selected and formed into teams of 6 people. Furthermore, any one person can only ever compete in one Robotathon (not both 2016 and 2017, say): do your best!

How do I sign up?

A registration link for Robotathon 2018 should be posted here early fall semester.

Does this cost anything?

Yes. To participate in Robotathon, you must pay RAS membership dues ($15) and a fee for special Robotathon parts ($20) for the semester, totaling $35.

Any further questions about Robotathon or RAS?

Get in touch!