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IGVC - November Update

Over the course of the past few weeks IGVC has been focusing on the software aspects of things. Especially for new members, now is a great time to join!

We have currently been going over the fundamentals of Python over the past few weeks. Python/C++ are both integral to being able to complete tasks regarding ROS and other libraries needed for IGVC. Definitely make sure to show up if you are interested in that.

Also, IGVC needs people interested in the hardware side of things as well. We need to finish up construction on the robot. This includes assembly of plates, drilling, and some other basic operations. No machining experience necessary! The rear plate of the robot and brackets on the front of the robot still need to be attached to the robot. All the materials are in the lab that we work in, so definitely let me know if you’re interested in working on any of this.

Email me at pjmathews731@utexas.edu for more information!

Author: Peter Mathews