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What we do?

We participate in a competition sponsored by DJI called RoboMaster. The competition is best described as a mix of League of Legends and an FPS game. Two teams put 3 robots out on the field, each has a different set of abilities, with the goal of taking down the other team’s base. In order to win, robots have to shoot plastic pellets at each other and at the opposing team’s base. You can find out more about the international competition here or more about the North American competition here.

Robots at Competition

The competition requries skills from all areas of robotics and we could always use more help. If you’re interested in hardware design and CAD, hardware manufacturing, electronics and PCB design, or software development come check us out.

We would love to have people with robotics experience from FIRST or VEX but anyone willing to learn is welcome! The hardware team is currently meeting every Wednesday at 7:00 pm and the software/electrical team meets at 3:00 pm on Saturdays. Find more information on the #robomaster-updates channel of the RAS discord!