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IGVC 2022 March Blog Post

Over this past month, IGVC has been working on redesigning the motor mounts for the vehicle. The first redesign iteration involved increasing the structural integrity of the piece by increasing its cross-sectional area. Also by adding fillets to the design, we were able to decrease stress concentrations on corners! By doing stress analysis by hand and then comparing the value with a Solidworks simulation, we got similar values of 2 MPa, which is well handled by PETG material for the mount.

image1 .

The second iteration involved adjusting for issues with the CAD. In the CAD assembly for the vehicle, the motor is incorrectly mated to the rail it’s attached to causing a portion of it to clip the rail. Therefore, we had to redesign to account for this. In order to do so, we moved the motor up and made a cutout in the electrical board above in order to accommodate it. Another route could involve moving the electrical board up(instead of making a cutout), which is also viable! It may just require more additions to the overall design.

image2 .

The software team has continued to learn ROS through a Udemy course and will hopefully be done learning in a couple of weeks!

If you are interested in joining, feel free to contact me at pjmathews731@utexas.edu

Author: Peter Mathews