Upcoming Events:


Committee Head: Wenyu Zhu

picture of Wenyu

What we do?

The corporate committee is responsible for reaching out to companies to build a connection and establish a partnership with RAS. We also plan and prepare for tech talks, workshops, and special events with corporate partners. This year we will be offering events to be held virtually, in-person, or a combination! Being part of the corporate committee allows students to develop the soft skills needed for communication and establishing connections.

Our current focus is to update our contact list as there have been many changes in the past year.

How often do we meet?

1 to 2 times a month!

Who can join?

All majors and years are welcome to join! Please contact the corporate relations officer, Wendy Rodriguez Ovalle, at wendyrovalle@utexas.edu for any questions, concerns, or interest in joining the corporate committee.

Aslo, check out our Project Brochure and our Corporate Packet!