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Dancebots 2022 March Blog Post

Hello everyone!

Just wanted to put out a quick update about what Dancebot has been up to recently. We are really focusing on getting new members up to speed, as we haver several newer RAS members express interest in participating within this Demobots project.

The biggest issue facing us is learning to interface with the Raspberry Pi 4 that is controlling the entirety of our robot. Our members are hard at work learning the intricacies of this new microcontroller. Unlike boards such as the TM4C, you don’t simply flash code onto the microcontroller, but rather it is loaded from memory on a micro SD card.

Our future goals include getting existing code to allow for moving base tests, and then syncing that output to controller input. This way, any person will be able to drive the robot in an outreach scenario. This will be especially impactful, as the mechanum wheels we are utilizing are both unique in their function as well as relatively slow. Even young children will ideally be able to drive this robot around safely and effectively.

Overall, we can’t wait to finish up the semester strong!

Author: Ian Krause