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Spring 2023 IGVC Blog!

IGVC Blog Post – 2/24

The past month in IGVC has brought us right before the testing phase!

Looking at what our mechanical team has achieved, we are in the final week before we have a vehicle that starts learning its way between lines and potholes. The motor mounts have been 3D printed and the retaining rings have been obtained! After machining the final touches on two of our sprockets, the first version of the motor and chassis will be complete and will be ready to receive the electronics and wiring. The next step from here will be to make version two of the motor and chassis setup which will be a more efficient chain-based system. The final step will be waterproofing and visuals. We might be seeing “Ranger” having a glow-up very soon!

By far the most productive sub-team would have to go to the software team, finishing as much of the lane and pot-hole detection as possible without being able to test the mobility of the robot, with finer and finer optimization every day! We have also started tasks in preparing for the use of a GPS unit and all the intricacies that come with that. We have even revived a dormant laptop to be used as the brain of the robot. The next step is to add behavior to the vehicle’s motors based on the data collected from the camera, write an efficient “SLAM” algorithm to avoid obstacles, and collect all the data into a uniform and comprehensive form.

With other subteams moving forward, so is electrical. The electrical subteam has designed the circuit to connect all components and plan to begin fabricating the necessary wires to form the connections. There has been intensive work put in to make sure that the math and design of the circuit is fully functional before putting it all together. The plan is completing the circuit within the next few weeks and working on wire management to create not only to make “Ranger” functional but looking in tip top condition!

We are on schedule to allow for two months of testing before the competition!