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Fall 2022 Halloween Demobots!

Demobots Blog Post – 10/30

Happy Halloween! Can you believe we’re already halfway done with the semester? This semester in Demobots a lot has happened so here’s a brief update on each of our beautiful sub committees:

Dancebot: Dancebot has been redesigning the Dancebot to use fewer servos for a sleeker, more efficient design. This includes updates on software, the types of dances that can be programed for it to perform, and the CAD models and analysis.

Fetchbot: Due to conflicting schedules, Fetchbot has been archived for the remainder of the semester until more members are available. If you are interested in being a part of the fetchbot team, reach out to revive this bot! Much of the design work has been completed and many parts are ready for use.

TOA (aka talons of acquisition): While TOA’s electrical team has purchased power supplies and simulated circuitry, the mechanical team split in two to divide and conquer. One team has been re-designing the titular talons for a more efficient design that will reliably win prizes. The other team is creating a comprehensive SolidWorks assembly of the machine. The assembly has brought to light parts that need to be ordered and will be used to generate laser cut files to make the chassis easy to assemble without additional holes needing to be drilled after cutting.

Couchbot: One of demobot’s oldest robots, couchbot, continues to improve with a team dedicated to installing standard brakes to reduce reliance on its legacy emergency brake. Legends never die!