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Demobots November Update

With only a few weeks until the start of fall break, demobots is getting as much work in as possible before the Inventionworks space, 3D printers, and laser cutters are unavailable.

The claw machine team has been finishing up the first round of CAD parts to 3D print for the first iteration of the claw machines claw and wench mechanism and in the upcoming weeks will begin assembling the delivered and printed parts. The electronics team will be working remotely after the fall break so they plan on creating code and prototypes that will model how the electronics will work on the claw machine itself.

The claw machine team has also been brainstorming names for the robot and is still accepting ideas. If you have a nifty name for the claw machine hit the team up on slack/teams with your idea.

Couchbot has been making a lot of progress as well in the final sprint towards the end of the semester. They have been working with Inventionworks to relocate the couch to the robotics lab and develop the following protocol for working on the Couchbot:

The Couchbot team is also looking into making/designing more signs to place on the couch to advertise RAS so if you are interested in doing some design work reach out as well!

As always: Demobots is always accepting new members so join MS Teams and send a chat, stop by a meeting, or email me at cmonty@utexas.edu for more info on joining. See you soon!

Author: Caitlin Montgomery