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Dancebots Spring Kick-Off!

Hello everyone!

Just wanted to provide a quick update on behalf of Dancebot! We had a first successful meeting of the semester and can’t wait to get started on making some progress with mothership! We are focusing on essential hardware systems, mainly getting our motors to move in a controlled manner with our existing software. Since we had new members, we are currently focused on skill development to ensure everyone has the fundamentals they need.

circuit .

One of the major topics we discussed was the function of an H-bridge circuit. This is perhaps one of the most fundamental circuits in regards to motor control. By allowing for transistors act as current controlled current limiters or switches, one can control the direction and flow of a current through a motor.

We are planning on getting this robot ready for outreach as soon as possible, so please contact me on Teams or Discord if you’d like to be part of the Dancebot team. Thanks!

Author: Ian Krause