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Robotathon 2021 Wrap-Up!

Hello all!

I am excited to announce that RAS has put on a successful Robotathon Competition!

group photo .

Special thanks to Dr. Valvano, Burak, and Miguel for acting as judges for our competition! Also, a shoutout to Texas Instruments for supporting our competition with trainings and parts for participants.

Our competition consisted of a RAScade theme. Three segments existed within the competition.

  1. A skeeball portion where participants would launch a Ping-Pong ball into various slots.

  2. A maze section where participants utilized wall following to make their way through a Pac man section.

  3. A dance floor where participants sensed tile colors and well as used line following to make their robot move around.

Points would be given based upon different criteria centered around these three events.

Robotathon is an event that RAS members look forward to every year. I am very proud of all the RAS members that participated in this competition as well as put it together. I believe it serves as an invaluable resource for new engineering students within Cockrell to experience a design project firsthand.

Congratulations to Team 8 for winning first place in Robotathon!

team 8 photo .

Author: Ian Krause