Upcoming Events:

Demobots Fall 2021 Wrap-Up

Demobots is back for another semester of robot creation and fun! Due to the university being closed for the first two weeks, Demobots has not been able to meet so in the meantime let’s review what Demobots accomplished last semester before the break!


Couchbot has been working on ensuring the batteries are able to charge and gathering new materials. Once all issues with the batteries are resolved Couchbot has a slew of interesting mods to explore this semester, from lights, speakers, and improved bumpers.

Talons of Acquisition (Claw Machine):

Last semester TOA finalized its design for a housing, leveling up from it’s current wooden box casing to something more resembling the arcade game shape we know and love. This design features a removable board for the Arduino, batteries, and wires to connect to for easy access.

New Ideas:

A few of our members have been spending break preparing the materials to pitch new Demobots projects ideas that will need some creative and driven members to get off the ground! Come to the first few meetings of this semester to learn more!

As always if you’re interested in joining an existing demobot or are interested in starting or joining a new project, stop by our meetings in the EER (dates and times to be announced shortly)or reach out to the discord. We can’t wait to see you there!

Author: Caitlin Montgomery