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Robomasters Fall 2021 Wrap-Up

In the last semester, the RoboMaster team has made significant progress. While our team is smaller than at the beginning of the semester, we have a great group of highly dedicated people working on the robot. Many of them have been elected into leadership positions due to all the work they’ve put into this club. We’ve also moved out of the RAS office and into the Robotic Prototyping Lab as we prepare to physically assemble the robot.

The hardware has been working on prototyping the different parts of the robot from shooter to indexer to chassis. We have a fully functioning indexer that is completely 3D printed and multiple CADs of our drivetrain and shooter. By next semester, we should have received all the parts to start the building process.

The electrical team has had success programming a mecanum drive. In the next semester, we would like to program the gimbal and shooter mechanism. Because we have little experience with the STM32 microcontroller, there is still a lot to learn. The software team has also been providing us with some help; however, as the season progresses, their main focus will be on the computer vision side. We are also looking for a software lead, preferably someone with experience with computer vision in robots.

There is still space for new members to join the team, just contact me at yuqipan@utexas.edu. I’m very proud of the progress this team has made in the last semester, so I’m extremely excited to see where we will be by May.

Author: Yuqi Pan