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Robomasters Fall Update

Welcome to our first season of RoboMaster! We are so excited to finally be out of the planning phase and into the building/programming phase. Currently, we have a great group of people working on the robot on all of our subteams, but we always welcome more!

The electrical/software teams are joining forces to figure out how to program the RoboMaster Development Board. We have hit many roadblocks with STM32 including not having an ST-Link debugger, lacking the full license for Keil, and a Mandarin-only tutorial document; however, we are slowly but surely working through these problems. Most recently, we managed to run multiple motors at various speeds and we are currently working on getting input from the remote controller.

The hardware team is off to a great start! There were a lot of productive discussions where we discussed the design of the essential parts of our robot. We have a general plan for the chassis, shooter, and turret and have started CADing the design. Our goal is to start prototyping the robot by the end of this month or once parts arrive.

This will probably be the last chance to join the team without missing too much! If you would like to join, check out our discord which can be found under the #robomaster-updates channel of the RAS discord!

Author: Yuqi Pan