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Demobots - Semester Kickoff

Welcome back to a new semester of Demobots! This spring semester Demobots has started off strong with several new members and big plans for the spring. Talons of Acquisition has begun its onboarding for new electrical and mechanical team members to get members set up using Github and GrabCAD for ease of collaboration and better documentation.

In the fall, Talons finished the first iteration of the claw and box set-up and in the upcoming semester, they plan on finalizing the gantry design by rigging the new tracks in place and attaching the stepper motors and drivers. The electrical team has been working primarily remotely to develop code for independent gantry parts to work with the Arduino-mega.

Both teams are also brainstorming ways to change the “claw machine” as we know it by adding cool control methods, and a sleeker “shell” for the bot.

You might be wondering: What about Couchbot? We’ll fear not, while some of the Couchbot team has sadly left Demobots, we are in the process of getting the committee up and running. If you want to be a part of the Couchbot team, definitely pop into the meetings in the upcoming weeks! This is a great time for new leadership roles and growth in the committee.

As always: Demobots love new members and new ideas! If you want to join a team or start a new demobot project join the Microsoft teams or RAS discord or reach me at cmonty@utexas.edu! See you at the next Demobots meeting!

Author: Caitlin Montgomery