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Micromouse - Semester Recap

The fall semester is coming to a close, and we’ve had such a unique experience with online meetings. Our various teams have learned lots of important skills and tools related to the design process, from Python to network protocols to KiCAD.

Micromouse CAD.

Our hardware team has finished the PCB schematic and started on the PCB layout. They have been finishing up the part library for symbols and footprints, and they’re on the final push to finish the PCB! They have also developed a micromouse 3D model to be used for PCB and part integration testing.

Our algorithm and firmware team have been learning python and have developed a script to generate a maze, and have started the framework for the simulator.

Our firmware team has learned how to use C in TI’s Code Composer Studio to develop and test on our TM4C launchpads. They have familiarized themselves with TI-RTOS and gained experience writing drivers to control infrared wall sensors as well as reading datasheets.

Our next semester plans are currently unclear and under discussion - we may be still continuing micromouse. However, more likely, we will be merging into the robomasters team due to greater interest. We were able to achieve a lot this fall, but we think we would be able to use our skills learned this semester and apply it towards a larger, growing competition.

Author: Allen Jiang