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IGVC - October Update

Another few weeks have past by and IGVC is making some progress! All work has been assigned to different members. Access to the R & A Lab was recently granted by Texas Inventionworks. IGVC now has a place to consistently do work!. If you’re interested in coming in to do physical work, send me your eid!

However, for new members there has been a steady flow of crash courses on software/mechanical design in order for them to get comfortable with the robot and all its parts. So far, Linux and some Python have been covered in these courses. These have been a primarily introductory lesson for the new members in order for them to get their feet wet with coding. In the next weeks to come, ROS and all of its components will be covered! If y’all are interested in joining or if you have any questions, email me at pjmathews731@utexas.edu

Author: Peter Mathews