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Demobots October Update

Hello Hello! So far the Demobots teams have been continuing to make steady progress, below are a few updates.

Claw machine:

We have completed a large portion of the initial design decisions for things like the x/y axis design and what mechanisms to use in the claw itself. We have begun preliminary CAD design and in the coming weeks will begin printing and prototyping. We have made the files to laser cut a skeleton box to attach the mechanical components to as the wiring and positioning are troubleshot.

The Claw Machine mechanical design team has begun meeting Monday afternoons to discuss various design and model creation methods, so in the upcoming month Claw Machine should have a working and up to date CAD model and sub-assemblies.


We now have access to the RAS office in order to get the couch. We are now exchanging emails with Dr. Scott Evans (head of Inventionworks) to get access to the robotics lab. This is so we can move the couch to a workable space for our team members. Looks like we’re close to successfully accomplishing all of that.

Also, we’ve been doing some smaller python lessons/projects to get familiar with the different modules of the couch. We’ve gone over how the couch’s Raspberry Pi handles setting up a Bluetooth socket with a mobile device, how to play sounds in python (for future speaker(s) on the couch), and how we index the couch’s LED strip to do all kinds of effects.

Tower of Power:

The robotathon subcommittee has a proposal for a new Demobots project! The “Tower of Power” would be used as a beacon of flashing lights to mark the completion of the Robotathon competition that will be occurring in the upcoming semester! This Demobots team would have a lot of room to implement creative ways to light up the room in the most celebratory of manners and would need members in mechanical and electrical positions.

As always:

Demobots is always open to new members! Just stop by our Friday meetings at 5 pm or join the “Demobots” channel of Microsoft Teams and say something cool like: “the stars are converging” or “hey, I would like some more information about joining the demobots team.”

Author: Caitlin Montgomery (cmonty@utexas.edu)