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RoboSub - Closing Remarks

Our semester has come to end for Spring 2020. Unfortunately we were not able to compete this year due to the pandemic cutting our semester short. While we weren’t able to build a second sub and compete, we were still able to accomplish and learn a lot this year in building our test sub pictured below. The test sub is operational and can maneuver underwater while being controlled via laptop. Creating the electronics for power distribution, writing test software, designing the hardware, and learning about team organization helped us develop skills that we will take on into future projects in RAS.

Test Sub

We’ve decided to not move forward with RoboSub following this semester but will be looking to compete in another robotics competition DJI RoboMaster which has a lot of the same engineering challenges including complex mechanical design, PCB and electronics design, and software engineering. We’re excited to see what we can accomplish in the next academic year.

Author: Joshua Johnson