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Robotathon Steering Committee - Your First Program Update

Hey y’all, this is Matthew, one of the co-heads of Robotathon. This is the first of several updates throughout this semester from our new Robotathon steering committee. We’ve extended the original Robotathon committee in order to create a more robust and engaging competition. Among the goals that we want to complete this semester, we have:

Here’s a low res picture spoiler (our VP Reiko is designing some new art). PAC MAN If any of this sounds interesting we’re always accepting members throughout the semester. There’s plenty of software development, hardware integration, and leadership experience to be had here. You can join our slack at utras.slack.com and message me (@RoboticFish) or the other co-lead (@Burak Biyikli) or email me at matthewjkyu@gmail.com. Author: Matthew Yu