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RoboSub - Kicking off the Semester

This semester we’re kicking off RoboSub by getting our test sub operational. Last semester we finished the electronics and watertight housing allowing us to move our thrusters underwater and start testing. By experimenting with different sensors and hardware on this sub we hope to gain knowledge that we can carry into creating a second sub.

Soldering Test Sub CAD Test Sub

Looking ahead at what’s planned for this semester there’s lots to do in order to create a second sub and hopefully compete in August. We are designing a frame that will be light yet still allow us to maneuver well and contain all the sensors we need plus allow room to expand. On the electronics side we’re creating a power distribution PCB and a sensor board in order to help reduce the wire mess in the housing and provide protection in case there’s a short or we draw too much current. Finally we’re building the software infrastructure so that we can create the different services that we’ll need (machine learning image recognition, sensor control loops, etc.) and easily modify/test them throughout the semester.

Second Sub Prototype

If any of this sounds interesting we’re always accepting members throughout the semester. You can join our slack at utras.slack.com and message me (@Josh) or if you’re lazy just email me at jspspike@gmail.com.

Author: Joshua Johnson