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Micromouse - Gearing up for competition

Micromouse is getting ready for the final stretch now. We are working on updating our PCB and software to get the mouse ready for the competition.

PCB: PCB Design

To get ready for the competition, we are working on making the pcb the frame for the device. The current design above contains all the components that we need to run the mouse. We are migrating the components from the V0 prototype to this prototype.

For a possible next iteration on the design, we would like to use more surface mount parts in order to reduce the size of the mouse even further. The current size of the mouse is 80 mm x 92 mm, which will fit in the palm of your hand.

On the software end, we worked on integrating our drivers to allow the mouse to drive on encoders and distance sensors. We expect to use these drivers to start working on our controls for the motors.

After a slow start to the semester, micromouse has started to hit our stride. We should confirm which competition that we are going to later this month.

Author: Vamsi Ghorovaki