Upcoming Events:

CURM - CURM 2019 is here!

CURM, or the Convention for Unconventional Robotics Movement, is an annual robotics showcase that focuses on robots that move unconventionally. This event is designed to challenge participants to get outside of their comfort zone and create that crazy robot that you’ve always wanted to make. In past years we have had robots that walk, hop, slither, vibrate, and generally move in all sorts of crazy or unexpected way. This is the coolest event of the semester!

Robots at the starting line.

If you are interested in robotics research, we will be inviting some research groups on campus to show off their robots. This is an opportunity to network with professors and graduate students.

Group Picture

The date for the convention has been officially set to April 27th! Come show off your awesome creations, eat some food, and see some cool research projects.

Author: Christopher Z. Mallen