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Region V - Gaining Momentum

Over the past several weeks we have made some great strides in getting our first prototypes up and running since our last blog post.

We are excited to say that we will have have multiple robots on the field this year, which brings with it both advantages and great engineering challenges.

We have started on CAD models for multiple prototype drive systems and will begin building our first prototypes this week! We will prototype a treaded drive system and a two wheel drive system, both optimized for turning around the center of the robot and navigating between the 6 inch clearance space between obstacles. By using micro-gear motors with encoders or NEMA stepper motors, we hope to achieve precise and accurate movement. The multiple, smaller robot approach has proven challenging for our mechanical design team, but we are excited and determined to succeed. Keep an eye out for more mechanical design updates in the coming weeks.

Additionally, we have begun on the construction of the field, which to our delight is burnt orange, so that we have a platform to test both our drive and computer vision systems on. The field is important as it is integral to this year’s challenge which requires the identification of obstacles and lettered blocks placed on the field.

We are very excited for the challenge this year and grateful to have such an enthusiastic team!

Author: Ben Belov