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Ras General Update

The Fall 2018 semester is more than halfway over, and UT IEEE RAS has had a great semester thus far.

We continue to have general meetings every other Tuesday while our different committees hold their respective meetings every week. Be sure to check out the blog posts in order to get an update on what they are each up to!

We have had multiple general meetings since our last general RAS update.

On Sept 11, we held our 2nd general meeting. Our guest speaker, Fawzi Behmann, gave us a talk about Internet of Things.

GM 2 GM 3

On September 25, we held our 3rd GM. The 3rd GM was our Robotathon kickoff. We went over the rules and schedule of the Robotathon competition for this semester. Please check out the Robotathon blog posts in order to get more information.

On October 9, we held our 4th GM. This meeting served as a Robotathon and Committee meeting, in which different committees gathered together to discuss their respective projects.

GM 4

On October 25, we held our 5th GM. We created a blog post specifically for this meeting, so please check it out here!

Author: Bibartan Jha