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The Robotathon Strikes Back

Robotathon is coming. Are you ready?

Robotathon checkpoints spreadsheet

It’s four weeks into the competition season, skills have been disseminated, and coalitions have begun to form among the teams of the hundred-odd participants.

For example, there are those sparkling examplars of conscientiousness—those teams the good money’s placed on, the ones that follow in lockstep with our workshops, drew up sketches of their robots, refined designs through office hours, and are just now beginning to prototype.

Then there are teams lucky enough to have a thorough robotics education in high school. You know they know they probably know what they’re doing while learning more mechanics, electronics, or programming for a broader experience.

But then there are the black swans. Those teams who sit at zero checkpoints just waiting to catch their prey unaware. They’ll spring at the last second, grow a robot the night before Robotathon, and clear the field to win the first place tropy.

There are many ways to compete in RASumo. Which team are you?

Author: Daniel Teal