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Semester Outreach Update!

The first 6 weeks of outreach have been very exciting!

We took part in two large UT events, Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day and Explore UT. Also, we are continuing to send members to Hernandez Middle School in Round Rock to help mentor their robotics program.

Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day

On February 24th, we volunteered at Introduce a Girl to Engineering where we introduced future engineers to robotics. During the event, we demonstrated our driving robots to girls of all age groups and their families, and we informed them about the different opportunities that relate to robotics. Our goal for this event is to inspire more girls to become more excited about engineering and STEM.

Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day logo

Explore UT.

And on March 3rd, we volunteered at Explore UT where we introduced future UT students of all ages to our organization. We let the students drive Moses, Joshua, and Tokyo Drift, and we demonstrated an early prototype of the Polargraph. In this event, we wanted to excite kids of all ages about the different activities that they can get involved in at UT.

Explore UT logo

Hernandez Middle School

Finally, at Hernandez Middle School, we are helping to establish a robotics team! Currently, our members are helping set up challenges for the students, and are answering questions about the future of robotics.


In conclusion, the past six weeks of outreach have been quite eventful. Our organization is inspiring students about having futures in engineering and at UT. Looking forward, our organization will continue volunteering at Hernandez Middle School, and will partake at the Maker Faire on May 6th.

Author: Chris Gill