Upcoming Events:

CURM - Convention for Unconventional Robotic Movement

The date for the event is officially April 14th with location TBD!

To sign up, please go to tinyurl.com/CURM2018 and submit the form. For more details including an FAQ, please visit https://ras.ece.utexas.edu/about/curm.html.

quadruped robot

For those unfamiliar, the Convention for Unconventional Robotic Movement is an annual showcasing of original robots, made to move in any unconventional manner. We loosely define this as not relying on conventional wheels (like a car) or treads (like a tank). In the past, this has ranged from a slug bot that actually leaves a trail of oil to a hopping robot with a several-foot vertical to a robot that manipulates its center of mass to slowly inch forward.


reconfigurable tetrahedron research bot

Author: Chris Gill