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Robotathon is a semester long competition that is largely geared towards students with little to no experience in robotics.

It is the largest robotics event hosted on campus and is entirely run by students, for students. By the end of the semester, participants will have built a robot from scratch and have learned the basics of all aspects of robotics. Our goal is to give participants a strong foundation in robotics on which they can continue to learn and grow after the competition. This semester’s competition and rules can be found here.

On September 23rd, 2017, we hosted the 2017 Robotaton Conference. The conference includes a series of tech talks that cover the basics of mechanical design, programming, electronics, and version control. All talks included an interactive component that allows the participants to practice their newly gained skills. Currently, the teams have a series of checkpoints which are designed to teach them the robotics design and build process as well as keep them on track with their goals. In the Robotics and Automation Society, we believe that robotics is an interdisciplinary field that can benefit from a variety of experiences and backgrounds. Robotathon is a great opportunity for people whose high school did not have a robotics team or an AP Computer Science class to learn about and discover a passion for the field of robotics.