Upcoming Events:


IGVC has begun meeting during the Fall 2016 semester.

As a summary, IGVC is a robotics competition where various universities across the United States compete. The goal of the competition is to create a robot that can move autonomously across an open field while avoiding obstacles and staying within path boundaries. The robot accomplishes these tasks through the use of GPS navigation, visual processing, and movement control. UT RAS has been working on this year’s IGVC entry for a few years. We have a small yet dedicated team working on the various modules required for competition. Right now we are developing and testing the visual processing systems to differentiate between path boundaries and the path itself. In addition to the components necessary for competition, we are modifying the manual control scheme for driving the robot so that it is more user-friendly and can be driven at various events. We will continue our work and will be competing in this year’s competition in Rochester, Michigan. If you are a UT student interested in joining the committee, we welcome all newcomers and will help them learn the skills required. We hope to begin testing the entire robot by February of 2017.