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The Demobot Committee undertakes projects to maintain and refurbish existing robots as well as design and build new ones.

This semester the Demobot Committee is focusing on four projects, the restoration of the 2015 Mercury Robotics Competition entry named “Nessie,” the restoration of “Robocouch”, a self-balancing single axle robot, and an arcade style crane machine. The self balancing robot and crane machine, both to be named, are being developed by two groups headed by 1st year ECE students.


Rapid redesign of the robot Nessie took place in the early part of Spring 2016. Now, construction on Nessie is complete and the next steps include implementing software and wireless communication, testing, and documentation. The improvements made over the 2015 model of Nessie will integrate remote control and a wireless FPV camera, turning the robot into the ultimate reconnaissance vehicle.



RoboCouch, the motorized sleeping unit which occupies valuable space in ACA 101, is being retrofitted with new batteries, electrical connections, and controllers. The final task is to reprogram microcontrollers for the couch and take the machine on its maiden voyage up the gruesome climb that is Dean Keaton.

Author: Judson Daniels